Kim Petras

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Clarity (2019), 5/10 Links:

German-born Los Angeles-bases singer Kim Petras became a star of electronic bubblegum-pop via the singles I Don't Want It at All (2017), that became her signature song, Hillside Boys (2017), reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Slow It Down (2017), mostly a demonstration of her vocal skills, All the Time (2018), Can't Do Better (2018), Feeling of Falling (2018), a collaboration with dj trio Cheat Codes, Heart to Break (2018), perhaps her best, If U Think About Me (2019), Homework (2019), and 1 2 3 Dayz Up (2019). Her debut album Clarity (2019) contains Icy. Turn Off the Light (2019) compiles two EPs, including the 23-minute eight-song Halloween-themed EP Turn Off the Light Vol 1 (2018).
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