Petrol Girls

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Talk Of Violence (2016), 6.5/10
Cut & Stitch (2019), 5/10
Baby (2022), 6/10

London's feminist punk band Petrol Girls, fronted by guitarists and vocalists Ren Aldridge and Joe York, harked back to the riot grrrls of the 1990s on Talk Of Violence (2016), which contains fiery harangues with killer tempo shifts like False Peace and Fang. with a peak of brutality in the Satanic dance Phallocentric. The psychodrama Touch Me Again, bordering on metal and on funk-punk, is as complex as they get. Treading Water is their half-hearted attempt at being melodic.

The abrasive overtones of the beginning are methodically eliminated from Cut & Stitch (2019), professionally produced by Peter Miles, so that the highlight is the catchy power-pop ditty Big Mouth. The main difference on Baby (2022) is that the rhythm section has matured into a significant second voice, especially with skittering moments that increase the emotional power of the song. Preachers and especially the entirely dislocated Fight For Our Lives, an anthem made of industrial explosions. Baby I Had an Abortion is the radio-friendly song du jour, but this one is still vetriolic like in the old days.

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