Prosper In Spite Of This Band

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In 2019 Prosper In Spite Of This Band launched a program of "In Doc" chapters. The "In Doc" chapters number 1, 2 and 4 were collected on the compilation Works (2019). Past the 12-minute recitation of Night Paint, which at the beginning sounds like an a-cappella Tom Waits, the ten-minute Ambient Supercharger offers spastic minimalistic repetition for atonal banjo and shrill organ. A number of brief dissonant numbers, originally part of Part 2 of the series, revisit folk style from the viewpoint of someone who never learned how to play an instrument. Qvgimrwbjxplode is the ultimate expression of this anti-aesthetic ideology: just casual strumming coupled with vocal sounds that are vaguely related to singing. the 22-minute New David Lynch Movie (2019) is, unfortunately, another lengthy spoken-word piece with submusical accompaniment. Part #3, Seperate Conemas, is a seven-minute dissonant sonata for piano and (maybe) zither.
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