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Overtones, Drones, And Saxophones (2019), 7/10 Links:

Philadelphia-based throat singer and saxophonist Kyle Press, a member of the collective Love Club, of the Impressionist and of OhBree, improvised the cassette Overtones, Drones, And Saxophones (No Rent, 2019), that originally contained three pieces, later split into five, for amplified saxophone, manipulated vocals and electronics. The saxophone solo A1 (10:44) begins in Braxton-ian fashion, with a mixture of repetition and variation, but, as the tones stretch out, echo and overlap, the piece turns into a surreal imitation of other instruments... accordion, harmonica, violin and even the human voice. A2 (10:31) is instead a piece for manipulated voice that begins with a-cappella throat singing and then turns the voice into a hissing, roaring, drilling instrument, secretes abrasive drones out of it and plunges it into a menacing black hole only to resurrect it as a choir of infernal voices. A3 (09:54) begins as a much more quiet saxophone solo but halfway incoporates a monk-like choir and ends in musique concrete and free-jazz territory. B1 (14:43) begins again with a-cappella throat singing, to which soon another vocal loop is attached, eventually collapsed into a violent electronic maelstrom, from which it reemerges as a demonic apparition. The saxophone sings a romantic melody in B2 (11:33) but the counterpoint is a quantum vibration in a spacetime warp.
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