Purity Ring

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Shrines (2012), 6/10
Another Eternity (2015), 4/10

Purity Ring, the western Canadian duo of vocalist Megan James and producer Corin Roddick (from Edmonton), debuted with the single Ungirthed/ Lofticries (2011). Their first album, Shrines (4AD, 2012) featured the singles Ungirthed and Fineshrine, sung by James in a childish Katy Perry-esque register. The music evoked both dream-pop and synth-pop of the 1980s (the dense arrangements of the former and the catchy refrains of the latter) while borrowing production styles from dubstep and hip-hop music and occasionally flirting with witch house.

Another Eternity (4AD, 2015), however, was a mediocre retelling of the same story.

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