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Man Woman Birth Death Infinity (2013) , 6/10

Raagnagrok, the project of English duo Zali Krishna (guitar) and Mark O'Pilkington (eletronics), recorded Man Woman Birth Death Infinity (Lotushouse, 2013). The amateurish production might be a blessing in the case of Elephanta Gateway because its Zen-like hypnosis and proto-cosmic music is not particularly original (and the 14-minute celestial hare-krishna dance Infinity is just self-indulgent); but the nine-minute monster nebula Mount Pelle does better justice to the idea. If the propulsive Man ultimately tastes like a mixture of ancient esoteric archetypes such as Aphrodite's Child and Popol Vuh, the slow guitar phrasing and the grotesque electronic burps of Tenebrae evoke an avantgarde version of Current 93 before delving into android mayhem. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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