Saint Pepsi

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Boston's producer Ryan DeRobertis had just completed his first album, Adversaries (2012), as the Cold Napoleons, when he launched the project Saint Pepsi. Saint Pepsi released about seven albums. The last one was the most influential: Hit Vibes (2013) contains 13 sample-based songs that pay tribute to the disco-music and funk of the 1970s. The songs are mostly exuberant (Skylar Spence, Have Faith) but occasionally also languid (Cherry Pepsi, Strawberry Lemonade) and in one case utterly somnolent (Miss You).

The split album with Luxury Elite Late Night Delight (2013) contains Saint Pepsi's Enjoy Yourself, which samples Michael Jackson's Off the Wall (1979).

DeRobertis then rebranded himself as Skylar Spence for Prom King (2015).

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