Secluded Alchemist

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Arcane Sanctuary (2017), 6.5/10
Laboratory Amongst the Leaves (2018), 6/10
Wintry Beauty Of Nature/ A Glacial Grave (Ancient Meadow, 2019), 6.5/10

Secluded Alchemist, a synth-man from Kentucky, debuted with the four lo-fi songs of the cassette Ruminations Of A Hermit (2017), notably the droning Seeking Solitude In This Desolate Cave. That was indeed the style of the cassette Arcane Sanctuary (2017), a much more macabre affair, from the sepulchral feeling of Echoes From Underground Passages (15:16) to the post-mortem nightmare of Chambers Of Repression (16:21), a journey into the antechamber of hell.

The cassette Laboratory Amongst the Leaves (Ancient Meadow, 2018) retreated into a more pastoral and impressionistic mood. The angelic ecstasy of Domain Of A Cloistered Life (11:29) is ideal for Zen meditation. If Laboratory Amongst The Leaves (12:06) is a bit monotonous, Regarding The Great Work: I. Nigredo/ II. Albedo/ III. Citrinitas/ IV. Rubedo (22:39) is a slow-motion instrumental narrative, a close relative of the fantasia of classical music. A bit too simplistic, though.

Wintry Beauty Of Nature/ A Glacial Grave (Ancient Meadow, 2019) contains a 44-minute piece with vocals (buried deep into the mix). For about 20 minutes a metallic tinkling duets with a grating drone, then the drone doubles in intensity and begins to sound like a winter blizzard while the metallic tones become a gentle slow-motion lullaby. The whole exudes a Christmas-like atmosphere.

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