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Shlomoshun Deluxe (2010), 7/10
Bad Vibes (2011) , 6.5/10

Shlohmo, the project of Los Angeles' hip-hop producer Henry Laufer, a member of the collective WeDidIt with chilltrap pioneer Henry "RL Grime" Steinway, debuted with the instrumental album Shlomoshun Deluxe (Friends Of Friends, 2010), that experimented with the same disorienting aesthetic employed by Flying Lotus for hip-hop music and by Burial for dubstep. Far from being danceable tracks, these electronic creatures are irregularly shaped, in constant movement, noisy and fairly ugly. The simplest recall the spirit of Brian Eno's futuristic vignettes (7am and Post Atmosphere). The most complicated are randomly assembled musique concrete (Teeth). Tomato Squeeze sounds like a documentary of alien life. Hot Boxing The Cockpit blends a videogame, Mozart and a pack of chirping rodents. Spoons sounds like a dying robot singing a melancholy elegy. Dead Pixel is sheer horror, the sound of decomposing flesh and a ghostly choir. The album ends with the hypnotic melodic phrases of Antigravity in a bubbling primordial soundscape.

The wonky EPs Camping (2010), later included in Shlomoshun Redux, and Places (2011) were followed by the album Bad Vibes (Friends of Friends, 2011), a collection of digital pop ballads warped by psychedelic ecstasy and then drenched in existential spleen, and by the EPs Vacation (2012) and Laid Out (2013).

Dark Red (2015)

The End (2019)

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