Silent Servant

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Los Angeles-based dj Juan Mendez started making techno records in the late 1990s, but assumed the identity of Silent Servant only in the mid-2000s for a string of singles and EPs: The Silent Morning (2006), Violencia (2008), The Blood Of Our King (2008), Negative Fascinations (2009), El Mar (2010), Hypnosis In The Modern Age (2011). Meanwhile, Silent Servant also formed Tropic of Cancer with Camella Lobo, debuting with an update of the new wave and industrial music of the late 1970s, The Dull Age (2009); and collaborated with the ruthless experiments of British dj Karl O'Connor (aka Regis) under the moniker Sandwell District, a collective documented on Feed-Forward (2010). Silent Servant's first album, Negative Fascination (Hospital Productions, 2012), focused on a gothic form of minimal techno from the sensual pulsations of The Invocation Of Lust to the evil psychosis of The Strange Attractor, from the industrial orgy of Temptation & Desire to the gloomy rapid-fire dub-tinged Utopian Disaster (almost a tribute to Basic Channel filtered through the aesthetic of Giorgio Moroder). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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