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Nothing Great About Britain (2019), 6/10
Tyron (2021), 5.5/10

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White English rapper Slowthai, aka Tyron Frampton, debuted with a collection of mocking, drunk, punkish, politically charged grime-styled invectives, Nothing Great About Britain (2019), mostly produced by Kwesi Darko. Highlights include the savage, almost punk-rocking Doorman, the chaotic Crack, and Inglorious, a collaboration with fellow rapper Joseph "Skepta" Adenuga, Darko steals the show with the intricate beat and orchestral snippets of Grow Up and with the distorted neoclassical arrangement of Northampton's Child.

Tyron (2021), again mostly produced by Kwes Darko, contains the catchy nursery rhyme Cancelled, the elaborate and dreamy Feel Away (produced by Dominic Maker), the tragic atmosphere and vocal interplay of Terms, and the almost funereal Adhd. The last three songs are the best. The first ten are almost useless.

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