DJ Speedsick

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Odyssey '97 (2017), 6/10
NYSS (2017), 6/10
Death Trip '17 (2018), 6/10
Nothing Lasts (2019), 4/10
Electromagnetic Chauvinism (2020), 5/10
Blood Mixed With Shit Mixed With Blood (2020), 6/10
Snake Pit LSD (2021), 5/10
Temp/eeeb7dc/.DS_Store.localized (2023), 4.5/10
Faces.Of.Death (2023) , 6/10

Wisconsin's DJ Speedsick debuted with the five-song album Odyssey '97 (2017), containing harsh instrumental industrial music (Burning Trash in the Woods), ear-splitting noise (Chemical Love), and eerie sound collages (White Crosses / Black Cadillacs). NYSS (2017) contains three lengthy pieces, each of them a complex cinematic and surrealistic electronic collage: Anxiety Showers (10:48), Heart In The Gutter, Mind In The Sewer (15:36) and No One Fucks In New York (29:19). The sprawling Death Trip '17 (2018) adds at least Black Crosses/White Cadillacs (9:11), Pariah Romanticism (Sick of Depression) (12:12) and No Euphoria (16:12) to his major canon. The latter boasts a beat pandemonium that sounds like a satire of drum'n'bass and similar electronic dance music. Nothing Lasts (2019) is a minor work that repeats old tricks. The highlight of Blood Mixed With Shit Mixed With Blood (2020) is the 21-minute Talking To Ghosts, one of his best and most violent deconstructions of techno music. Electromagnetic Chauvinism (2020) contains the horror ambient piece Hell's Trumpets and little else of substance. 777 (2020) is a three-cassette compilation of old material such as Drug Induced Public Meltdown LSD Paranoia Russian Ghetto and especially No Euphoria. Snake Pit LSD (2021) is entirely devoted to distorted techno a` la Talking To Ghosts, notably Redosing Like A Fucking Idiot. Temp/eeeb7dc/.DS_Store.localized (2023) is self-indulgent to the pointing of sounding like unfinished experiments, although pieces like Usr/local/bin/766e5063/0654609496FA9A6EA7CDE35C5107AF30 do unleash quite a dose of robotic dancefloor trance. Faces.Of.Death.1978.VHSRip.XviD.DJSS.nfo (2023) contains only two lengthy compositions: Director's Cut (43:48), a relentless locomotive for all-night dancing, and Featurette (29:12).
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