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Bright Green Field (2021), 7.5/10

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London's Squid, one of the bands of the "Windmill scene" with Black Country New Road, Shame and Black Midi, debuted with the EP Town Centre (2019) and several singles (all produced by Dan Carey) before the album Bright Green Field (Warp, 2021), also produced by Dan Carey. The band is fronted by drummer Ollie Judge, a loudly hysterical and psychotic singer in the tradition of David Thomas of Pere Ubu, and James Chance of the Contortions Behind him the band (guitarists Louis Borlase and Anton Pearson, bassist Laurie Nankivell and keyboardist Arthur Leadbetter) concocts a chaotic circus of quirky, chaotic, explosive, danceable and dystopian-themed songs. The eight-minute Pamphlets is emblematic of their Pere Ubu-esque "modern dance", contaminated by B52's-esque disco-punk and Contortions-esque no-wave neurosis. The eight-minute Narrator harkens back to the visceral atonal funk of the Talking Heads (with the addition of Martha Skye Murphy's sensual moans and witchy shrieks). The deranged boogie of the seven-minute Boy Racers sinks into the quicksands of a desolate soundscape. The post-disco quasi-synthpop of Paddling turns LCD Soundsystem upside down. The whole album defies conventions, from the funeral jazz fanfare Global Groove to the chaotic Peel St and the Caribbean-minimalist-symphonic G.S.K. All the songs are poly-stylistic, deliberately avoiding coherence and identity.

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