Sun Valley Gun Club

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Sacramento-based Sun Valley Gun Club debuted with the old-fashioned folk-rock of Into The Valley Sun (2013). novelty of a rapid-fire drumbeat playing against a jangling guitar Millions Of Bands the catchy and sprightly Byrds-ian Bitterness stately Cars Volebeats catchy Brit-pop ditty World Wars martial and heavy Curse The Woman Caffeine

Sun Valley Gun Club (2016) contains the lyrical Even Before I learned To Write and the bluesy and mournful Bike Riding Days, two songs that well represent what this band does best. The tone borders on anthemic on the shoegazing It Came From The Moon. The poppy Hey Collapser and Nebraska are actually the opposite of highlights, but the album ends with the heartfelt Neil Young-ian elegy I'm Only Afraid To See You Go that restores the good karma of the first two songs.

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