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No/Thing (2014) , 6/10

Taurus, the Portland-based duo of guitarist Stevie Floyd (originally from Florida, where he played in Dark Castle and before that in Cystic Dysentery) and drummer Ashley Spungin, debuted with the live album Life (2012), a confused hodgepodge of acid, progressive and doom metal.

For the record, Dark Castle released Flight of Pegasus (2007), Spirited Migration (2009) and Surrender To All Life Beyond Form (2011). Cystic Dysentery, active since the mid 2000s, eventually debuted with Culture Of Death (Deathgasm, 2012).

No/Thing (Taurus, 2014) achieves respectable peaks of claustrophobic horror in Lives Long For Own, that weds monster heaviness and a multitude of voices (laments, growls, shrieks, plain female speech). The 13-minute Increase Aloneness opens with wails drifting in intergalactic space (Billy Anderson on vocals) and one almost expects Gong's "radio gnome" saga, instead the crunchy bass lines and raga-psychedelic guitar riffs lead to deranged dub-tinged decay. The closer Receed (with Leviathan's Wrest on growling vocals) returns to the black-mass atmosphere but also injects in it plenty of lysergic vocalizing.

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