Teeth of the Sea

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Orphaned By The Ocean (2009), 5/10
Your Mercury (2010), 7/10

English combo Teeth of the Sea turned Orphaned By The Ocean (Rocket, 2009) into a tour de force of instrumental space-rock mixed with influences from Calexico-esque desert-rock and cheesy electronica of the 1970s. The overture, Only Fools On Horse, is a duet between a Mexican trumpet and electronic drones. The eight-minute Latin Inches is a more conventional, atmospheric space-guitar jam with the usual crescendo at the end. Too many pieces suffer from an identity crisis. For example, Swear Blind The Alsation's Melting swings wildly from a trumpet lament to a loud distorted guitar freak-out. The soothing ambient soundscape of Dreadnought suddenly erupts in a sort of gypsy dance. The difference is obvious when compared with the one piece that is coherent and unitary: Sentimental Journey, a simple linear progression from a pool of disjointed dissonant sounds to a loud pounding dance-trance that packs a lot more emotional firepower than all the others combined.

Your Mercury (Rocket, 2010) greatly enhanced (or diluted, depending on viewpoints) their space-rock jams with both futuristic and gothic tones. The chaotic jam The Ambassador feels like the outcome of an alcohol-drenched pow-wow, with solemn drumming mixed with demented vocals and all kinds of dissonance. The eight-minute You're Mercury stages their most spectacular progression yet, morphing a trumpet-led noir jazz atmopshere into an epic cosmic guitar-led cavalcade. The rest is much more varied and eclectic, if not always original and accomplished. The electronic vignette Cemetery Magus offers an odd combination of techno music and voodoobilly. The influence of the synth-revivalists (Oneohtrix Point Never and the likes) is visible in the fibrillating electronic fantasia A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. before the guitar pours in some healthy doses of acid-rock distortion. In the mournful closer Hovis Coil the trumpet's serene phrases and the guitar 's minimalist repetition get entangled in a metaphysical psychedelic raga. Ironically (or intentionally) the most melodic piece is Mothlike for random crowd voices and vibrato guitar effect.

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