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Spanish death-metal combo Teitanblood debuted with the album Seven Chalices (2009) followed by the EPs Purging Tongues (2011) and Woven Black Arteries (2012), increasingly devoted to visceral atonal experiences..

Death (Ajna Offensive, 2014) is one of the most original albums in the genre, thanks to the relentless pummeling cacophony of its lengthy pieces: Sleeping Throats of the Antichrist (12:27), Plagues of Forgiveness (9:43), Cadaver Synod (11:20), Burning in Damnation Fires (9:44), and the sinister ceremony of Silence of the Great Martyrs (16:36).

It was followed by the EP Accursed Skin (2016) and the album The Baneful Choir (2019), which brought some light in the darkness of Death.

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