Twin Shadow

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Forget (2010) , 5/10
Confess (2012) , 5/10

Twin Shadow, the retro-pop project of Dominican-born, New York-based vocalist George Lewis, debuted with the lo-fi digital synth-pop of Forget (2010), nested between hip-hop (Castles in the Snow) and disco-music (Shooting Holes) and frequently distinguished by hooks that are an unlikely hybrid of Erasure and Smiths (When We're Dancing).

The even more nostalgic Confess (4AD, 2012) contains the stately dance-punk a` la Billy Idol Five Seconds, the piano-driven melodrama I Don't Care, the propulsive Beg for the Night (like a lightweight version of the Pet Shop Boys), the intricate and aggressive You Call Me On, and Golden Light, arranged in the vein of the Culture Club era.

Lewis also wrote the novel "Night of the Silver Sun".

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