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Uuuu, formed by bassist Edvard Lewis of Wire fame, guitarist Matthew Simms, Italian drummer Valentina Magaletti and electronic musician Thighpaulsandra of Coil fame, debuted their post-jazz and post-industrial fusion music with on the mostly instrumental Uuuu (Editions Mego, 2017). The seven-minute The Latent Black Path Of Summons Served opens with humble metallic percussion, twisted synth melody and primitive tom-toms but then escalates into free-jazz cacophony until demonic drumming restores some calm. The seven-minute Partial Response Takes Another Form slowly awakes from its ominous electronic nebula and explodes in a jazzy drumming tornado but then implodes again in a sparse soundscape of shapeless sounds. The 16-minute Five Gates unleashes dense, pulsating, bass-driven hypnosis like an Amon Duul II outtake, with the synth alternating minimalist repetition and tense drones. When the energy fades, the drumming fills the void with a busy syncopated rhythm until the synth is ready to join. Then the piece shifts to an atmospheric, quasi-psychedelic jazzy mood. The ending is a sort of industrial funk that is swallowed in a black hole of noise. The shorter compositions are no less adventurous and unpredictable, like the way Boots With Wings transitions from prog-rock to electronic punk to ambient in just four minutes. It's Going All Over The Floor is seismic industrial fanfare with reggae guitar and an abstract cosmic ending. The organ finally intones a regular melody (in fact a nostalgic tribute to the era of the Farfisa) in the seven-minute Verlagerung Verlagerung Verlagerung, except that it is buried deep inside the stormy mix and vocals disrupt it. Then the "song" changes into something completely different, a pounding Tangerine Dream-like cosmic trip. A peak of violence is reached in Il Ventre Del Nulla, which sounds almost heavy metal: synth tornado, pow-wow drumming, savage guitar distortion. While lacking identities, these pieces are elegant flows of ideas.
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