Veronica Falls

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Veronica Falls, fronted by Roxanne Clifford, debuted with the lo-fi pop and folk-rock of Veronica Falls (Slumberland, 2011), propelled by jangling guitars. If Found Love In A Graveyard is the manifesto of their exuberant nostalgic retro aesthetic, other songs delve into all sorts of chemistry and surgery. The punkish overtones of Beachy Head drown in a refrain a` la girl-groups of the Sixties. The frenzied and mellow Come On Over sounds like Mamas & Papas jamming with the Velvet Underground. Bad Feeling sounds like the Rolling Stones' Paint It Black performed by the Jefferson Airplane.

My Heart Beats (2012) already sounded less spontaneous and vibrant, simply tryint to sell to a broad audience the anthemic tones of their refrains.

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