VHS Head

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Trademark Ribbons Of Gold (2010), 4/10
Persistence Of Vision (2014), 4.5/10

VHS Head, the moniker used by British producer Ade Blacow, produced dancefloor-oriented collages of 1980s music on Trademark Ribbons Of Gold (2010), notably The Murder Cycles and Sunset Everett; but too many are incredibly trivial and in any case this is nothing groundbreaking for 2010. The idea was reprised for the double-LP Persistence Of Vision (Skam, 2014), this time with gothic overtones (Enter The Devil, Gas Human No 1, Red Ocean Apocalypse) and with a bombastic quasi-metal production (Camera Eyes, Lect__city, Tracking The Moon Beast). Again, nothing that hasn't been done before, and half the album (especially in the second half) is just filler.
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