Viper the Rapper

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Hustlin' Thick (2004), 5/10
Ready and Willing (2006), 6/10
Heartless Hoodlum (2006), 6/10
The Southwest Hooligan (2006), 5/10
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack (2008), 5/10
The Paper Man (2008), 4.5/10
The Hiram Clarke Hustler (2009), 5/10

Texan rapper and beat-maker Viper the Rapper (real name Lee Arthur Carter and formerly known as J-Ride in DJ Screw's Screwed Up Click) released about 1500 albums in 15 years, starting with the melodic and bouncy Hustlin' Thick (2004), originally issued under the moniker Lee Dogg, whose songs are certainly not groundbreaking but simply amateurish (In My Hood, What I Got, Bring the Noise, This Is How We Ride, Ride or Die).

Ready and Willing (2006) is the album on which he coined his lo-fi, hazy, lethargic and sometimes lifeless sound, best represented by the funereal pace of It's On and You Gone Die. The distorted Flat on They Back, the glitchy All Girls Are in Love With Me and the almost melodic and nostalgic Grind to Shine Time add further dimensions to the sound.

Heartless Hoodlum (2006), possibly his most original production, contain one song in the relatively traditional style of the first album (Death Time) but also the foggy and hallucinated Clip In, the fractured The Spot, the almost gothic Gone Clash, the dilated and stoned Homicide, and Leanin' Low, which sounds like a death chant from the steppes.

Then came the relatively gritty The Southwest Hooligan (2006). with the warped Boys Know.

You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack (2008 - Animated, 2018) was the album that turned him into an Internet celebrity, but also one of the weakest.

The Paper Man (2008) experimented with different styles and contains, best the eccentric Stangin' and Stackin'.

The Hiram Clarke Hustler (2009) contains the melodic Hey Maybe One Day You'll See Me Again.

One Day You'll See Me Again (2022) compiles songs from 1997-2009.

Subsequent albums added little to his canon: These Rappers Claim They Hard When Them Fags Never Even Seen the Pen (2010), 5-9 Piru Music (2012), Rich and NOT Famous (2013), Tha Top Malla (2015), Death from in Front (2016), World Rap Star (2017), They Hate Me Cuz I'm Vaporwave (2018), the three-part "Tha Hidden Treasures Series" of rearranged old songs, that comprises Shed Skin (2022) and Thug's Renditions (2022), etc. In 2014 alone he released 347 mixtapes.

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