Washed Out

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Life Of Leisure (2009), 7/10 EP
Within And Without (2011), 6/10
Paracosm (2013), 4.5/10
Mister Mellow (2017), 4/10

Like most of the chillwave, when it debuted with the EP Life Of Leisure (2009) Washed Out, the project of Georgia's guitarist Ernest Greene, was lo-fi, mumbled, dance-pop music that amounted to little more than an amateurish revival of synth-pop of the 1980s with an emphasis on danceability. Nonetheless, Washed Out's languid "stoned" single Feel It All Around (2009) became the signature litany of chillwave. The six-song EP Life of Leisure (Mexican Summer, 2009) was also notable for the syncopated pulsating trance-y Hold Out (the real standout), the dreamy reggae-tinged Get Up, the operatic dream-pop of New Theory, the sensual disco-music of Lately, and the soaring psychedelic chant over a galloping beat You'll See It.

The cassette High Times (2009) added Phone Call and It's Kate's Birthday to the chillwave canon.

The over-produced (Ben Allen) and much more electronic Within And Without (Sub Pop, 2011) was full of redundant fluff, surrounding the old single Feel It All Around and the new single Eyes Be Closed. Amor Fati sounds like Abba without the vocal harmonies. Greene was worth more, as the trip-hop dirge of Within and Without and the piano ballad of A Dedication prove.

Paracosm (Weird World, 2013) attempted to rebrand him as an acid-folk singer-songwriter, but too much of it is filler.

The even more confused Mister Mellow (Stones Throw, 2017) contained the "chilling" I've Been Daydreaming My Entire Life and the orchestral disco-music of Hard to Say Goodbye.

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