White Ring

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Black Earth That Made Me (2010), 6/10 (EP) Links:

New York's White Ring, the "witch house" project of Brian Kurkamilis and Kendra Malia, debuted with the EP Black Earth That Made Me (Disaro, 2010). The catchy IxC999 for gloomy synths and distorted vocals is a fair introduction to their amateurish imitation of the gothic electronic music of the 1990s. The macabre wind of King and the anguished Hands 2 Hold U Down for screaming electronics and screaming vocals simply add emotional emphasis.

Then it took seven years for them to release a full-length album, the 14-song Gate of Grief (2018). The glitchy overture of Heavy Self Alienation and the frantic Leprosy sound promising enough but the rest is second-rate electronic dance. The gothic atmosphere of Chained (Interlude) is the best that they can muster but in 2018 it wouldn't scare anybody.

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