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Women (2008), 6.5/10
Public Strain (2010), 6.5/10

Women, a quartet from western Canada, resurrected the catchy noise-rock of Eric's Trip. The lo-fi chaotic and frequently dissonant Women (2008) was still marred by juvenile exuberance, whether in the perversely catchy Cameras, in the bittersweet Black Rice or in the jarring Shaking Hand.

The mild mannered Public Strain (2010) boasts the gentle elegy Venice Lockjaw and especially the spaced-out pyschedelia of Eyesore with its anthemic crescendo. These calmer moments are counterbalanced by harsher spasmodic fits like Heat Distraction and especially Drag Open, a return to the wild atonal "pop" of the new wave, early Sonic Youth via Glenn Branca.

Women's guitarist Chris Reimer died in february 2012 at the age of 26.

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