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Phoenixxx (2016), 6.5/10
A+G (2017), 5/10

Wwwings, the Internet-based duo of Awrwsw from Ukraine and Gxxost from the Kamchatka Peninsula (the far east of Russia), crafted the dissonant post-techno electronic mayhem of Phoenixxx (Planet Mu, 2016). The album opens with the dark, ominous, symphonic Lil Angels and its disjointed beats. Era recalls the abstract noise experiments of musique concrete with the addition of irregular bombardment-like beats and a monastic chant. Then come the spastically propulsive Pyro, the Caribbean-inspired demolition party Arcane, the alien stuttering of Ashes, the sinister swarm of electrical birds in Resurge. And the album ends with the manic powerdrilling of Ignite. This is digital hardcore for the Siberian steppes. Too bad that several of these vignettes feel unfinished.

Another Russian (from Siberia) joined for the 18-song A+G (2017), but Gxxost quit in 2018.

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