Per Olov Enquist

From "The March of the Musicians"

"All those vehicles stood there like mysteriously staring creatures from another planet, their gigantic yellow eyes throwing paths of light far out over the river".

"He also recognized the song of the ice. It was an unprecedented song that seemed to come from the stars, and it came night after night: always when it was cold, roaring as if the wooden house had been a cello and someone out there in the sparkling ice-cold darkness was drawing a gigantic bow across the strings; a thousand years of Vaesterbotten loneliness singing, wordless and sorrowful, all through the nights.... One end of the wire was attached to a wooden house in a village in Vaesterbotten, the other out in space, the wires suspended from dead stars, whining and roaring, the song from space that was wordless and about the wordless. It was the celestial harp."

"The forest covered everything, floating like a smooth, light, green coverlet over everything, running down to the coast and drowning in the sea."

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