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Political Analyses of 2010

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December 2010:
A problem that the whole world shares
Heroines of Somalia
Iran's own terrorism
Education and the future of China and the USA
The WikiLeaks effect
How to cause another economic crisis
What the eurozone and the US Civil War have in common: a history lesson
November 2010:
The financial dictatorship
India on the Rise
The odd alliance
Replay (September 2002): What is wrong with the United Nations
Did Obama really lose?
The source of Japanese wealth
How to build a society of engineers
Give me ambiguity or give me something else
Japanese traditionalism versus Chinese westernization
The ultimate service society
How to build a peaceful society
An industrial revolution without a scientific revolution
October 2010:
The invisible country
Supply and no demand
The irrational empire
The Pacific boom
Freedom and organization
Religious cleansing and the decline of Islamic civilization
The Rare Earths Wars
September 2010:
The enemy is us
Israel and international law
Some Muslims never miss an opportunity
August 2010:
Fixing the trade deficit
Double dipping
The USA towards same-sex marriage
July 2010:
When the tide recedes...
Is democracy the right system for the USA?
Turkey's goodbye or aurevoir?
June 2010:
Setting the example
Conspiracy theory: Iran defeats Israel
The wars of the United States
Conspiracy Theory: what if they didn't do it?
May 2010:
The Taliban among us
April 2010:
The Islamic dictatorship on the West
Kidnapping children is bad
Not the same terrorism
Two governments' visions on transportation
March 2010:
Swiss intolerance for Islam
The case for a VAT
The credit-based economy of the West
Bomb Israel?
The ideology of Mexican murales
Which is more likely to collapse, the European or the American Union?
The other war on drugs
February 2010:
Charity and development: the perverse loop
The State of the Union
China is facing reality
Russia towards the abyss
January 2010:
Is the USA dumping China?
China's unfair trade war
What went wrong?
Helping Africans... or not?
Planet Congo
China, globalization and Africa
The bargaining society vs the consumer society
Stealing from the blind
The age of plastic pollution
Africa's biggest problem: its wealth
What is unfair about the modern economy
The next multinational African war?
The Western war on morality
The Chinese purges
Why the USA is not the Soviet Union
Dubai's troubles
How to lose a war
USA-style justice
Obama's Islamic wars

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