The Best Rock Albums of 1985

Selected by piero scaruffi
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  1. Foetus: Nail (SomeBizarre)
  2. Sonic Youth: Bad Moon Rising (Homestead)
  3. Nick Cave: The Firstborn Is Dead (Homestead)
  4. Husker Du: New Day Rising (SST)
  5. Fetchin Bones: Cabin Flounder (DB)
  6. Tom Waits: Rain Dogs (Island)
  7. Replacements: Tim (Sire)
  8. Feedtime: Feedtime (Aberrant)
  9. Dead Can Dance: Spleen And Ideal (4AD)
  10. Tiny Lights: Prayer For The Halcyon Fear (Gaia)
  11. Camper VanBeethoven: Telephone Free Landslide Victory (Independent)
  12. David Thomas: More Places Forever (TwinTone)
  13. Honeymoon Killers: Love American Style (Fur)
  14. Jesus And Mary Chain: Psychocandy (BlancoYNegro)
  15. Chuck Vrtacek: Learning To Be Silent (Cordelia)
  16. Love & Rockets: The Seventh Dream Of A Teenage Heaven (Beggars Banquet)
  17. CCCP: Affinità - Divergenze (Attack Punk)
  18. Rites Of Spring: Rites Of Spring (Dischord)
  19. Meat Puppets: Up On The Sun (SST)
  20. Synergy: Metropolitan Suite (Audion)
  21. Pauline Oliveros: Wanderer
  22. Lucia Hwong: House of Sleeping Beauties (Private)
  23. Lazy Cowgirls: Lazy Cowgirls (Restless)
  24. Husker Du: Flip Your Wig (SST)
  25. Antietam: Antietam (Homestead)
  26. Ordinaires: Ordinaires (Dossier)
  27. Killdozer: Snakeboy (TouchAndGo)
  28. Nico: Camera Obscura (BeggarsBanquet)
  29. Golden Palominos: Visions Of Excess (Celluloid)
  30. Mark Stewart: As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts to Fade (Stumm24)
  31. Robyn Hitchcock & Egyptians: Fegmania (Midnight)
  32. Current 93: Dogs Blood Rising (Laylah)
  33. Residents: Census Taker (Episode)
  34. The Scene Is Now: Burn All Your Records (Lost)
  35. Rhythm And Noise: Chasms Accord (Ralph)
  36. Big Audio Dynamite: This Is Big Audio Dynamite (Columbia)
  37. Laibach: Nova Akropola (Cherry Red)
  38. Longshoremen: Grr Huh Yeah (Subterranean)
  39. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Freaky Styley (Enigma)
  40. Dinosaur Jr: Dinosaur (SST)
  41. Savage Republic: Cerimonial (Independent Project)
  42. Eugene Chadbourne: Collected symphonies (Parachute)
  43. Membranes: Gift Of Life (Creation)
  44. Black Flag: Loose Nut (SST)
  45. Vangelis: The Mask (Polydor)
  46. Michael Brook: Hybrid (Editions EG)
  47. John Mellencamp: Scarecrow (Riva)
  48. Heart: Heart (Capitol)
  49. Anthrax: Spreading The Disease (Megaforce)
  50. Naked Raygun: Throb Throb (Homestead)
  51. Chris Isaak: Silvertone (Warner Bros)
  52. Run-DMC: King Of Rock (Profile)
  53. Windbreakers: Terminal (Homestead)
  54. Phranc: Folksinger (Rhino)
  55. Corrosion Of Conformity: Animosity (Metal Blade)
  56. Suzanne Vega: Suzanne Vega (A&M)
  57. Fall: This Nation's Saving Grace (Beggars Banquet)
  58. Nurse With Wound: The Sylvie And Babs High-Thigh Companion (Laylah)
  59. EIEIO: Land Of Opportunity (Frontier)
  60. Church: Heyday (WB)
  61. Raw Power: Screams from the Gutter (Toxic Shock)
  62. Biota: Rackabones (Dys)
  63. Brian Eno: Thursday Afternoon (EG)
  64. Helloween: Walls Of Jericho (Noise)
  65. David Lanz: Nightfall (Narada)
  66. Jade Warrior: At Peace (Earthsounds)
  67. Jeff Greinke: Cities In Fog (Projekt)
  68. Michael Stearns: Chronos (Sonic Atmosphere)
  69. Nekropolis: Cultes Des Goules (Nekropolis)
  70. Patrick O'Hearn: Ancient Dreams (Private)
  71. Peter Gabriel: Birdy (Charisma)
  72. Prince: Around The World In A Day (WB)
  73. Residents: Big Bubble (Ralph)
  74. Sheila Chandra: Nada Brahma (Indipop)
  75. Software: Electronic Universe (Innovative Communications)
  76. Slovenly: After The Original Style (New Alliance)
  77. Jason And The Scorchers: Lost And Found (EMI)
  78. Mekons: Fear And Whiskey (Sin)
  79. Thin White Rope: Exploring The Axes (Frontier)
  80. Pogues: Rum Sodomy & The Lash (Stiff)
  81. Waterboys: This Is The Sea (Chrysalis)
  82. L.L. Cool J: Radio (Def Jam)
  83. New Order: Low Life (Factory)
  84. Joni Mitchell: Dog Eat Dog(Geffen)
  85. David Sylvain: Alchemy (Virgin)
  86. Kommunity FK: Close One Sad Eye (Independent Project)
  87. Giant Sand: Valley Of Rain (Enigma)
  88. Rat At Rat R: Rock & Roll Is Dead (Neutral)
  89. Band Of Outsiders: Everything Takes Forever (L'Invitation Au Suicide)
  90. Rave-Ups: Town + Country (Fun Stuff)
  91. Sting: The Dream Of The Blue Turtle (A&M)
  92. Megadeth: Killing Is My Business (Combat)
  93. Mofungo: Fredrick Douglass (Twin Tone)
  94. Green On Red: Gas Food And Lodging (Slash)
  95. Legendary Pink Dots: Asylum (Play It Again Sam)
  96. Plasticland: Wonder Wonderful Wonderland (Pink Dust)
  97. Three O'Clock: Arrive Without Traveling (IRS)
  98. Slovenly: After The Original Style (New Alliance)
  99. Agitpop: Feast Of The Sunfish (Community 3)
  100. Live Skull: Bringing Home The Bait (Homestead)
  101. Controlled Bleeding: Knees And Bones (Psychout)
  102. Volcano Suns: Bright Orange Years (Homestead)
  103. Christian Death: Ashes (L'Invitation)
  104. Talking Heads: Little Creatures (Sire)
  105. Faith No More (We Care A Lot) (Mordam)
  106. Descendents: I Don't Want To Grow Up (New Alliance)
  107. Skinny Puppy: Bites (Nettwerk)
  108. Sisters Of Mercy: First And Last And Always (Merciful)
  109. Dead Kennedys: Frankenchrist (AlternativeTentacles)
  110. Robbie Krieger (Cafe)
  111. Executive Slacks: Nausea (Fundamental)
  112. Beat Happening: self-titled (K)
  113. Jason And The Scorchers: Lost And Found (EMI)
  114. Daniel Johnston: Respect (Stress)
  115. Tex And Horseheads (Bemibrains)
  116. Balaam And The Angel: World Of Light (Chapter22)
  117. Jefferson Starship: Knee Deep In The Hoopla (RCA)
  118. Pontiac Brothers: Big Black River (Lolita)
  119. Fuzztones: Lysergic Emanation (ABC)
  120. Hoodoo Gurus: Mars Needs Guitars (BigTime)
  121. Mekons: Fear And Whiskey (Sin)
  122. Thin White Rope: Exploring The Axes (Frontier)
  123. 10,000 Maniacs: Wishing Chair (Elektra)
  124. Pogues: Rum Sodomy & The Lash (Stiff)
  125. Miracle Workers: Inside Out (Voxx)
  126. Don Dixon: Most Of The Girls Like To Dance (Enigma)
  127. Cult: Love (BeggarsBanquet)
  128. Scritti Politti: Cupid And Psyche (WB)
  129. Motley Crue: Theatre Of Pain (Elektra)
  130. Beat Farmers: Tales Of The New West (Rhino)
  131. Bongos: Beat Hotel (Fetish)
  132. Chamaleons: What Does Anything Mean (Statik)
  133. Tom Petty: Southern Accents (MCA)
  134. Savatage: Power Of The Night (Atlantic)
  135. Laughing Clowns: History Of Rock 'n` Roll Volume One (Hat)
  136. Simply Red: Picture Book (Elektra)
  137. Tell Tale Hearts (Voxx)
  138. Tail Gators: Swamp Rock (Wrestler)
  139. Yard Trauma: Must've been Something (Dionysus)
  140. October Faction: self-titled (SST)
  141. Chesterfield Kings: Stop (Mirror)
  142. Dire Straits: Brothers In Arms (Vertigo)
  143. Lone Justice: self-titled (Geffen)
  144. Slickee Boys: Uh Oh No Breaks (Twin/Tone)
  145. Jules Shear: The Eternal Return (EMI)
  146. Bangles: Different Light (Columbia)
  147. Lloyd Cole: Rattlesnakes (Polydor)
  148. Phil Collins: No Jacket Required (Virgin)
  149. Whitney Houston: self-titled (Arista)
  150. Style Council: Our Favorite Shop (Polydor)
  151. John Fogerty: Centerfield (WB)
  152. Jazz Butcher: Sex And Travel (Glass)
  153. Zoogz Rift: Interim Resurgence (Snout)
  154. Waterboys: This Is The Sea (Chrysalis)
  155. UTFO: self-titled (Select)
  156. L.L. Cool J: Radio (Def Jam)
  157. John Coughar Mellencamp: Scarecrow (Riva)
  158. Full Force: self-titled (Columbia)
  159. Poison Girls: Songs Of Praise (CD Presents)
  1. Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic: Beat Of The Mesozoic (Ace Of Hearts), 8/10
  2. Black Flag: The Process of Weeding Out (SST), 7.5/10
  3. Fishbone: Fishbone (Columbia), 7.5/10
  4. David Sylvian: Words With The Shaman (Virgin), 7/10
  5. Crime And The City Solution: Just South Of Heaven (Mute), 7/10
  6. Opal: Northern Line (One Big Guitar), 7/10
  7. Savage Republic: Trudge (Play It Again Sam), 7/10

  1. ... In preparation
  2. Fall: I Am Damo Suzuki
  3. Thin White Rope: Down In The Desert
  4. Huey Lewis: Power Of Love
Extended tracks
  1. ... In preparation
  2. Sonic Youth : I Love Her All The Time

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